About Us

The Naz Counseling Center is dedicated to serving the emotional needs of our community through the biblical teachings of Jesus. We value the Word of God, excellence, integrity, respect, responsibility, self-discipline, loyalty and gratitude. These values guide the way we connect with those who come to us for help.

Relationship with God

God longs for a relationship with us all, and we strive to help you build and strengthen that relationship.

Relationship with Others

We believe that the Bible has given us very clear instructions on the types of relationships God designed us to have with our family and friends, our co-workers, and our community.

What We Offer

Marriage & Family

We offer instruction, mentoring, and direction for couples contemplating marriage, couples adjusting to marriage, parenting issues, and individuals dealing with separation or divorce.


We also offer Godly advice on setting boundaries in your life, how to manage your emotions, and how to experience healthy relationships.


Additional Info


If you are interested in counseling or a referral, please call 614-442-7650 and leave a message for the intake team. The following counselors are located in Grove City, please call for availability:
  • Shawna Blunt
  • Ashley Daugherty - The Naz & OLPH
  • Bethany DeLaCruz
  • Ruth Friedman
  • Joe Geig
  • Michele Melaragno
  • Jennifer Shonk
  • Todd Warren
  • Honor Worthington - The Naz & OLPH
For more information on the counselors; please view their profiles at the Spirit of Peace Clinical Counseling website.

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