Resale Shop - The Naz Church

Resale Shoppe

Fall Resale

October 17, 2020 from 10:00AM – Noon

*Yard Sale Style*
The sale will be located in the parking lot by the GCCS football field.

Seller Setup Time

Sellers will manage & collect transactions.

Spring Resale

April 17, 2021 from 8:00AM – Noon

Payments Accepted: Cash & Check Only

Seller Drop Off Times

Thursday from 5PM-9PM

Friday from 9AM-Noon and 4PM-7PM

The system will shut down at noon on Thursday. You will no longer be able to enter in any more items, however, you will still be able to print off your tags after noon.

Seller Drop Off Location

We ask that you park in the school parking lot (the North lot) and enter through the doors in the activity center.  We will have a large sign near the door that will say “Resale Drop Off.”

Seller Pickup

Saturday at 2:30PM

Goal of Resale Shoppe

Our goal is to help families by providing clothing in good condition at a reasonable cost. We handle all advertising, provide the location, and save you the time of sitting in your garage for two days! The sale is open to anyone in the community who wishes to be a buyer or seller (limited to 200 sellers). Tell your neighbors, family and friends!

All Sellers make 75% profit on the sale of their items. There is also a $5 seller fee.


The Resale Shoppe is a big event and for it to run smoothly we need volunteers.

Pre-Shopping for Volunteers

Volunteers have the opportunity to pre-shop at the Resale Shoppe. Pre-Shopping is available the Friday before the resale at 8:30pm.

If you volunteer for… Number of items you can
purchase at the pre-shopping event is…
6 hours 30 items
10 hours 70 items
4 out of the 6 hours on Saturday 50 items


Registering to Volunteer

Volunteer registration is available through MySaleManager.


Information for Sellers

Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Items

Our sale will attract a large number of buyers. Incidents of tag switching, or lost tags are possible. We try our best to watch for these problems, but can’t guarantee they won’t occur. Therefore, it is important to securely pin your tags on your items using a safety pin and to use a new tag for any changes you make.

We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. We will have a lost tag box where one floor member will be in charge of checking and matching up items to lost tags.

Registering to Sell

Seller login is available through MySaleManager.