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Join Us in Community

Did you know we’re designed to live in community?
At The Naz, we believe you can’t do life alone.

We Have A Class That Is Perfect For You

We believe healthy things grow: spiritual formation is an important part of developing and growing in our relationship with Jesus.  Groups and classes are a great way to stay in His Word, stay connected to your church family and take your next step toward Jesus Christ.


Why Jesus?

July 14, 21 & 28
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Matchless - The Life and Love of Jesus

Beginning July 28
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The Marriage Course

Next Session Coming: Fall 2021
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Beginning June 9

Smart Stepfamily

Ongoing Class
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Women's Groups

Monday:  Crum Small Group | 7:00PM | Room 016/ON ZOOM | 1st, 2nd & 4th Mondays | Stuck, by Jenny Allen begins 7/26 |

Tuesday: Ransom Small Group | 6:45PM | 016|

Women Supporting Women | 7:00PM| Conference Room/ZOOM |

Thursday: Sissler Small Group | 9:00AM | Choir Room |

Howard Small Group (1st and 3rd Thursday of Month) | 7:00PM | Hospitality Room |

Women of The Naz Facebook Page 

Men's Groups

Monday: Corum Small Group | 7:00PM | Off-campus | Contact:

Belville Men’s Group | 7:00PM | Off-campus | Contact:

Wednesday: Moore (Men’s) Small Group | 6:30PM | Hospitality Room | Contact:

Saturday: Hansher Small Group | 8:00AM | Hospitality Room | Contact:

Men’s Rally (2nd Saturday of the Month) | 8:00AM | Contact:

Men of The Naz Facebook Page

Young Adult

Sunday: College Age Group | 5:30PM | Off-campus | Contact: Tyler Conger

Senior Adults

Sunday: Life Change Group | 10:30AM | Conference Room | Contact: Dan Thoma |

Senior Adult Bible Study | 5:30PM | Conference Room | Contact: Gary Taylor |

Tuesday: Hayes Small Group | 10:00AM | Choir Room | Contact: Betty Hayes |

Young at Heart: Senior group that provides fellowship, travel and events throughout the year | Contact: Carol Baumgardner |