Connect at The Naz Commons

The Naz Café, Commons & Bookstore Hours

Sunday : 8AM-1PM  |  Monday & Tuesday: 9AM-5PM  |  Wednesday: 9AM-8:30PM  |  Thursday & Friday: 9AM-5PM  |  Saturday : 8AM-2PM

A Place for Families & Friends

The Naz Commons was designed to be a gathering place for you! It was designed as a place where small groups, friends, and families can meet to break bread and connect. The Naz Commons includes The Naz Cafe, The Naz Nook bookstore, and The Naz Playplace.

There are rooms available for Connection Groups, gatherings, and parties.
Call 614-875-2551 for more details.

The Naz Commons Hours

The Naz Café/The Naz Nook


Sunday : 8AM-1PM

Monday & Tuesday: 9AM-5PM

Wednesday: 9AM-8:30PM

Thursday & Friday: 9AM-5PM

Saturday : 8AM-2PM

Play Place

Pre-register your children to have fun at the Play Place!
Play Place Registration Form (online)


The Naz Play Place is temporarily closed until further notice. Thank you for your cooperation.


There are absolutely no parties to be held in the Cafe or Commons areas after 5:00pm on Saturdays.  Also, there are absolutely no parties on Sundays at the Play Place, Cafe or Commons.


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