Each weekend, Naz KDZ Early Childhood, Elementary and Naz YTH learn truths about God and who they are because of Him, through age-specific lessons, small groups and trusted adult leadership. The Naz is a place where kids and students can worship together, learn about and experience God’s love, have fun, and most importantly, know they belong.

A Place For All Kids & Students

Naz KDZ and Naz YTH is a place where your kids can come to know God on a deeper level, grow in their relationship with Him, and show His love to others. Our weekend and Wednesday night services provide opportunities for your kids to dig deep into the Bible and discover a God that loves them beyond their wildest imagination!

Our custom-written curriculum focuses on God and God’s love for them. We use fun, interactive, engaging, relevant lessons, worship music, and small group activities to help build the foundation of their spiritual faith. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s partner together to help your kids know, grow, and show God’s love!

Early Childhood (3 – 5 year olds, PreK) is open on
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Naz KDZ Elementary is open on WednesdaysSundays!
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Naz YTH Preteen is open on Wednesdays & Sundays
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Naz YTH Pre, Mid & High is open on Wednesdays at 6:45PM
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