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We have always been a people to Rise Up.

Rise Up is an initiative to reach and restore those who have not come into relationship with God or have wandered away from Him. It is meant to provide spaces where current ministries, along with new ministries, can engage in relationships with every member of the family.  Whether we are providing safer spaces for the families of Grove City Christian Childcare, Grove City Christian School, or families who call Grove City and the surrounding communities their home, God has called the people of The Naz to Rise Up in prayer, action, and generosity. Our prayer is that even more families can be impacted by the God who loves them and has the power to transform their lives!  A recent study of Grove City showed that the population center of Grove City sits on Hoover Road, approximately ¼ mile north of The Naz.  The geographical center on the map had a star exactly on the property where Grove City Christian School, Grove City Christian Childcare, and The Naz Church currently meet.  Now is the time for The Naz to Rise Up and be the heart and soul of our community.  This is the place; it is our watch; now is the time for all of us to RISE UP!

We would love to partner with you in making this vision a reality!
Please spend time in prayer and ask the Lord to lead you
in how you can be involved in this Rise Up Initiative.


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It’s time to Rise Up!

Frequently Asked Questions

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