Rise Up - Field House - The Naz Church

Field House (Phase 1b to begin in Summer/Fall 2025) 

The Fieldhouse is the capstone of this project featuring two separate gymnasiums with two basketball/volleyball courts in each gym.  The main gym will also contain bleachers that will allow capacity of 1000-1200 for basketball and volleyball games that will be hosted on a regular basis by Grove City Christian School.  The other gym will feature lined indoor pickleball courts, making a great addition to the Grove City pickleball community and bringing more people to The Naz to find a place of community.  Two large locker rooms, that will serve both indoor and outdoor sports, will have access via the gyms or outdoor sports complex, as well as a large weight room.  The concession area will boast service both inside and outside, and new restrooms will be a part of the facility, giving access to the gyms and outdoor Huffaker Sports Complex.