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Early Childhood

Pizza, Play, & Praise

Pizza, Play & Praise (P3) is a creative & action-filled monthly outreach event, where preschoolers & their parents come together in the Church Mouse Praise House (upper level above the Cafe) to learn about Jesus & His love for them! Join us on the third Wednesday of each month at 11AM in the cafe. After ordering your food & participating in a fun, child-friendly craft or activity, families will head to the Praise House to check out what the Church Mice are up to! We guarantee you will have an exciting time with music, puppets, music & more, so load up your kiddos & head over to The Naz!

Child Dedication

Child dedication is an opportunity for you and your family to take the pledge to follow God’s leadership in the development of your child’s life. Through child dedication, you acknowledge God’s sovereignty over, not only the child, but over your own life, as well. Any child from birth to kindergarten is invited to be dedicated. The next dedication date is Sunday, August 18. Sign up your child(ren) HERE!

Email Abigail Stout at astout@thenaz.church with any questions.

Upcoming Events

Pizza, Play & Praise (P3)

Join us on July 17 at 11:00AM for fun worship & an engaging message for your kiddos!

Join us for church in the Worship Center on Sundays at 9AM & 11AM & for MDWK on Wednesdays at 6:30PM!


Join us in-person or catch Naz KDZ Elementary messages on Facebook or YouTube. Stay up to date with Naz KDZ – Check out our newsletter HERE.

Our Philosophy

Laying the foundation for our “littlest followers” to take their first steps toward a friendship with God is what our Early Childhood Ministry is built on. The entire experience is meant to help your child come to know Jesus on a deeper, more intimate level as they travel step-by-step on their spiritual journey.

Our Early Childhood Ministry

Our Early Childhood Ministry offers age-appropriate activities, games, crafts, and Bible lessons through creative storytelling, high energy worship, and an engaging puppet ministry.

Our desire is to make your check-in process as efficient and easy as possible. Volunteers are stationed throughout the Early Childhood Ministry area to assist with the check-in process. Each child receives a nametag with a number that is unique to them and the parent receives a duplicate copy to be used at pick-up. This duplicate copy must be presented to your child’s leader before they can be released. Should there be a need during service, your child’s number will be displayed on the screens in the Worship Center.

Weekend Experiences

Our weekend lessons are created to provide the following experience for your child: 

  • An easy to memorize “Praise Phrase” as well as a Bible verse which supports the truth they are learning during their large group program.
  • Small group lessons that are created in tandem with the large group program.
  • Praise House worship songs led by our Church Mice using engaging motions, age-appropriate lyrics, and high energy music.
  • A puppet ministry that offers added engagement and fun while supporting the large group worship time and Bible lesson.

Your child’s spiritual foundation is based on the following Biblical truths:

  • God made me
  • God loves me
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Registration and Check-In

Registration and check-in begins 15 minutes prior to start of the service times.

Parents must remain at The Naz during the services.

Mothers of Preschoolers Group

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) connects families to church with high-quality, simple women’s gatherings that welcome moms together to share life, motherhood and Jesus.

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