Rise Up - Shelter House - The Naz Church

Shelter House (Phase 1a) – Summer 2024

Providing a welcoming year-round location for get-togethers, dinners, birthday parties, or small group gatherings, the shelter house at The Naz will be a go-to place for the church, school, childcare, and community at large!  With large see-through garage doors that can be closed during the winter months or open to provide a more spacious feel for your fair-weather gatherings, this space is versatile and can comfortably seat 100-120 around tables.  A warming kitchen provides the ability to serve the inside gathering spaces and serves as an outdoor concession stand during baseball or volleyball games or other outdoor activities.  There are two bathrooms that are accessible from the outside and another bathroom accessible from the inside.  With ample storage and pantry space, we expect the shelter house to provide yet another way we can be even more hospitable to our families, and the families of the community!