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First Impressions Remodel


We are excited to announce the “First Impressions Remodel” at The Naz. We are updating the space in the main narthex/lobby corridor, which will include updates to The Naz Nook Bookstore. We look forward to the new opportunities the renovation will bring to The Naz Church. We believe the new and improved space will further enhance the experience of those who visit/attend here.

Remodel demolition has started. There have been several phases of construction which moves us closer to completion. We are thrilled to be working with the McKnight Group to limit any interruptions to our daily tasks and weekend services.

Check out the First Impressions Remodel “Color Board!” This will provide you with an idea of the updates & changes in paint color, carpet, etc.; that we will be installing!

As our city grows and more young families begin to make Grove City their home, we want to be sure we put our best foot forward in welcoming them into the family, and that all starts with great first impressions.  We want to provide an inviting and welcoming space for you and visitors.

Read this special letter from Pastor Dale

Grove City Christian School Addition

The new school building expansion has begun along the east side of the high school building. As a part of the project, the existing band room will be converted into two classrooms. Join us in praising God for the growth of Grove City Christian School!

“God continues to bless our school. We are grateful for the construction of new classrooms, academic support rooms, and a new band room to be ready in the summer of 2022. These new spaces will permit us to grow to about 825 students. The exterior design of the building sends a clear message. The square windows represent musical notes and the horizontal brick lines represent a music staff. The tune is recognizable but it’s the lyrics that communicate a powerful truth. The lyrics are “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.’ ” -Mr. David Arrell, Director of Education – GCCS


September 20

Bookstore closes temporarily

September 27

Demolition continues, construction begins

October 1

Bookstore remodel begins – the bookstore will be converted into a Large Group Room

October 4

Worship Center carpet installed

November 15

Lobby restrooms (men’s & women’s) are updated

November 29

Hospitality Room is updated

December 15

Expected date of completion for the First Impressions Remodel


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